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Welcome to MW5HOC's 40M Page
Hello, I am Darren MW5HOC and GW7HOC. Welcome to my new, updated web site.
My station consists of A Yaesu FT-900, a Yaesu FT-817 and 2 FOXX-3 QRP kits, one on 40M and the other on 20M.
The FT-900 is a 100 watt rig for the shortwave (HF) bands.

The FT-817 is a low power (5 watt) rig for the HF bands , VHF and UHF bands. This rig is a portable radio that has it's own internal power supply. It can be taken anywhere and is a great little radio for those of us who like to get out and about with our hobby.

The FOXX-3 is a very low power (1 watt or less) kit, made up of very few components. It was great fun to build and is even more fun to opperate. It puts out 1 watt on 40 meters when connected to a 12 Volt supply. The FOXX-3 is a cracking little rig and is the most enjoyable radio in my shack. If you are thinking of building a kit, then start with the FOXX-3. Once you build one, you'll want one for the other bands.
Low power (QRP) and 40M
40 metres is a great band for QRP working. My FOXX-3 transceiver puts out only 1 Watt, but I have had contacts all over the U.K. and a few into Europe (Norway, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium to name a few).

The FOXX-3 is a CW (Morse Code) only radio. CW is a very effective way of communicating over long distances with very little power.

Why 40 meters?
40 meters is my preferred band for various reasons.
1) It changes dramatically throughout the day.
2) During daylight it's a great local ragchew band.
3) Early evening it opens up to europe.
4) Night time on 40 meters can prove an interesting place to work DX.
5)I have fewer EMC problems on 40M

Wythall Radio Club
I have been a member of Wythall Radio Club for a number of years now. The Club is based in Wythall, near Birmingham.I now live in Cardiff about a hundred miles from Wythall but I try to stay an active member. Have a look at the site and find out what the club is all about.

Back in 2001, I entered the CQ worldwide contest for the first time. The contest took place over the wekend 27th and 28th of October.
The contest has various sections, and I chose the single operator, single band, low power section. My band of choice was of course 40 Meters. Low power in CQWW means up to 100 Watts.
With my trusty 25 year old FT 101-E tuned and warmed up, I started the contest. Before long I was speeding (?) along and having a great time.
Click on the link on the left to read my report.

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The FOXX-3 QRP Kit is available from Kanga Kits.
Visit their site to find out more about this fantastic little rig.

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