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The FT-817... The greatest little rig in the World!
This page is dedicated to the Yaesu FT-817.
The FT-817 is a multiband, multimode, low power portable rig. It transceives on all the HF bands, 6 meters, 2 meters and 70 centimeters.
It has it's own internal power supply, so it can be taken anywhere.
On HF the FT-817 is a joy to use. Even without the optional filters fitted, the FT-817 performs incredibly well for a rig of this size. It's receiver is as good as my FT-900 anf it's transmitted audio is excellant.
The FT-817 is also an exceptional VHF/UHF radio.The few contacts that I have had on it on 6M were almost too easy, and this was on a simple quarter wave wire di-pole hanging on my garden fence!
2 meter and 70 CM operation is also excellant.Unlike modern handhelds, the FT-817 never suffers pager noise, or other forms of interference. SSB and CW use on VHF is very nice indeed.
If you have never tried an FT-817 do so.

Why go portable?
Portable operation brings a whole new dimension to ham radio. You can operate from anywhere at any time. A weekend out in a field, on a hill or up a mountain is far more enjoyable than a weekend stuck indoors.
All you need is a rig, a power supply, an antenna and of course a picnic!

Indoor DX
Being able to work HF from anywhere, also means indoors. I have worked into Europe and even Northern Africa on 10 meters, indoors, on a 20 inch antenna!
Admittedly the band was in great shape, but I am still amazed that it was possible.
The antenna was a T-27 by Sirio antennas. It's a small 11M antenna that tunes in quite nicely on 10M. They cost around 7 pounds and at only 20 inches long, it really is a go anywhere antenna.


FT-817 A great rig for the great outdoors!