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The Cornwall Communications pilgrimage.
We recently spent a fortnight in cornwall. The first week of this holiday was a pilgrimage of all Cornwall's historic communications sites.
Cornwall is full of places of interest for people interested in communications.
A few of these sites are the telegraph museum in porthcurno , the Lizard Wireless station and historic Marconi Site at Poldhu.

Marconi Field, Poldhu
Me and my trusty FT-817 paid a visit to the Marconi site. I Set up a station on 40 meters, in the field that Marconi had his trans-atlantic station. The ground works and the mooring sites for his masts are still there. It really was a wonderful experience operating from the very site that Marconi first transmitted across the Atlantic from.
I set up my station on the perimeter wall of the field about 100 yards away from the Marconi monument. My antenna was a loaded 40M dipole with a 20 foot fibreglass fishing pole acting as the center supporting pole. The di-pole was strung out with the two halfs acting as two of the guy ropes and a third guy rope made the whole thing stable.
With my FT-817 on the wall, and an MFJ-971 ATU keeping an eye on the SWR, I started calling.
I only made a dozen or so contacts, but these were from both ends of the UK and one or two into Europe.
After a few hours in the wind, I retired to the warmth and comfort of the Poldhu amature radio club's building.
I thank the Poldhu Amature radio Club for their hospitality.
The Lizard Wirless Station
If you ever visit Cornwall, and I suggest that you do, park your car at the lizard lighthouse and take the fantastic walk( 1 mile plus or minus), along the cliff.
Along this walk you will see The lions Den, a great big hole in the ground caused by subsidence, and you will see the track of the old submarine cables as they come ashore and up the cliffs.
At the end of this mile or so, you will get to the Lizard Wireless Station. This is the hut that the Marconi company used to send telegrams and messages to the ships as they passed the Lizard.
This hut has been restored to it's original condition and is a fantastic insight into the world of early radio. Have a look at the link at the top of this page to find out more.
Dandy Operation
We spend a lot of time camping in our late 1970's Dandy folding camper. The FT-817 fit's into the dandy with no trouble at all. The antennas used when portable vary from my 40M di-pole to a multiband mobile/portable antenna made by Sandpiper communications in Aberdare. This antenna can be used mobile, on top of a mast, or plugged straight into the back of the FT-817.It's a very versatile piece of equipment and it breaks down for easy carrying.
I also have a selection of single band antennas that I can carry.
I really can operate any band, anywhere, thanks to the FT-817.

Operating from a campsite really is the best way to enjoy out hobby. Tea in the pot, BBQ cooking breakfast and chatting away on the FT-817. Try it one day, I think you'll enjoy it.

Work the World from your camping table.